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Sleepy mind got up at


Snow shower, cloud cover and sun protection, 13-20 degrees below zero Change, double egg, haircut Sleepy mind got up at 3:30, opened the computer to play games to get points, entered dreamxiang again at 4:30, woke up, looked through the curtains to see that the sky had been lit up, thought of being defeated by sleepworms at last, woke up at 7:30 in the morning, hurriedly chopped the rice noodles with cabbage and acid, brought warm water, mineral light and grain to the warehouse. Outside, small snowflakes fluttered in the wind, opened two secret locks, then opened the quilt, opened the cage door, accompanied by a good morning. The chicks came out one by one in a lively and disorderly manner, came out to find the food I had arranged, and harvested a frozen egg at the door of the cage. I'm not sure who laid it? Snow in the sky and cold on the ground, defeated the chicks, cleaned them up and rushed them back to the warehouse. Skillfully lock the warehouse, watch the ground carefully and walk to the supermarket of the vegetable market, and buy 52 yuan and 40 yuan for washroom, purple cabbage, ugly orange and spicy bar. At that time, the male clerk had just opened the door, and the door was open very well. The customers' heads were moving. There were carrying, carrying and holding things. If they could handle them, they would not refuse. In the morning, let the chicks go to 10 o'clock. Let the chicks lie down and lay a white egg. Let the chicks have yellow claws. When the chicks are finished, let them join other chicks and go to the front floor chair to hide snow and sunshine. The eldest child can not eat, will wait for the second child to eat, then go to the trough before, eat a few mouthfuls quickly, sometimes do not eat, will eat bubbles to appease hunger. I have been eating with my head bowed. I don't have enough to eat all day long. I don't want to eat any more. And the second son likes orange with sugar. What's delicious? He has to steal it. Who dares to steal it? You're welcome. When I went home and waited for my mother's pancakes, my elder sister came to shave my head as promised, and gave my elder sister a bottle of canned fruit to eat. When I couldn't open it, my elder sister used a spoon to open it, and learned another way. When shaving, my sister told me that there were also people with pneumonia in the mine. She asked me to go out and wear a mask. I said: I take antibiotics every day, away from the crowd, it's OK. My mother washed my hair and got the water from my mother last night. At that time, I used my mobile phone to talk with Liu Siyu about the size of the water flow. Sometimes when I couldn't make up my mind, I could ask more people around me. At 4:25 this afternoon, we will send away the mysterious sun and welcome the moon. Don't lie in at six thirty-four tomorrow! I woke up at 1:30 p.m. and put the chicks, fed the chopped vegetables and warm mineral water to the front floor. The neighbors in the front floor chatted about the infection in groups. They met song, the new director wearing a mask, whose surname was song. Later, she managed me. Director Guo retired. Director Song added wechat to me and contacted me via wechat. The eldest son and the youngest don't have a word to do with each other. They didn't have a red eye before. What's the matter today? It's snowing outside. Drive them back to the warehouse. Feed the peeled melon seeds. The eldest son can't grab them. I have to feed them alone. The sky will soon fall. The moon will be covered with haze. Arrange them to return to the cage. Goodbye! Clean up, go home and have a rest. I'm a little tired. Go to bed early. I'll talk about tomorrow!


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