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When it's dark in the morning


Civilized, rare good days, strange clouds, the same platform on the moon and the sun, 10-18 degrees below zero

Closed, gift, gift, egg

When it's dark in the morning, after getting up at 4 o'clock and going to the toilet, turn on the computer and play time-consuming games. At 5:20, I fall asleep again. In my sleep, I dream that Wang Liangliang and Liu Siyu are together with my male classmates. It's seven o'clock to get up again. I'll take my mother's chopped cabbage, warm water, mineral light and leftover food to the warehouse. Open the door of the warehouse and the cage. A big egg is right in front of you. It should be thanks to the chickens. Let them out to eat. When you open the cage door, you must say good morning! After cleaning up the battlefield, they went back to the warehouse to spend the cold time in the morning. I lit the mine light and closed the door.

Go to the supermarket and buy ugly orange for more than 10 yuan. It's open from 8 to 12 every day. I'll change my procrastination later! When I went to the market to buy bath towels for five yuan, I had to go through the side door. Two stores opened, and the steamed bread shop sold out. Tangyuan also escaped. I went to the drugstore last night to buy Shuanghuanglian oral liquid and honeysuckle lozenge for more than 80 yuan. Last night, I bought Shuanghuanglian oral liquid and antiviral drugs for more than 100 yuan. At that time, there was no limit to the drugs.

Last night I took a bath at home. My mother rubbed my back and brainwashed me. I change water for the fish and play computer games for 100 minutes. This morning, I fed and changed the water for the fish. The water source didn't ring today. Awesome chickens and forenoon get two eggs in the morning. Today, three chicken chicks are really praised and I am very happy. When I put the chicks, uncle Dong led ANN to the top for injection. The female neighbor of building 10 gave me a bag of leftover rice. I thanked him repeatedly. At the beginning, I would like to thank you for letting me put the chicks. I didn't expect someone else to help me. Sometimes I almost forget the goal of raising chickens. Human nature is degenerate. Buy fruit stand jujube, by the community director song remind: go out wearing masks, less out, I did not respond, but also let my chicks out to play.

The chickens have been collected at 4:23 this afternoon, and the solar term of spring will come at 6:35 tomorrow.

In the afternoon, I saw carpenter Li on the fourth floor cooking cooked food in the warehouse. When he went upstairs, he gave the hardworking carpenter Li four eggs laid by his own chickens according to his mother's instructions. Thank him for making a trough for our chickens. Let the chicks see the young people with explosive personality, and find our chicks for fun. The clouds in the sky constantly cover the sun, but they dare not do it with sticks in their hands. Are they old? Before Zhan, after you. Are you old? Nothing.

When it's getting dark, I'll drive them back to the warehouse. How is the day going? No, And nightlife, watching TV and learning about life outside.

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