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Although it's not a great country

Just when Mr. Wang didn't know how to dissuade him, Ling Hao came back.

As soon as he entered the door, he heard where Wang Siyu was making trouble. When he was angry, he said angrily, "if you really want to divorce, we'll go to the Civil Affairs Bureau now. Without saying anything, we'll sign the divorce agreement directly."

"From then on, you walk your way, I cross my single wooden bridge!"

Just now, Chu took the initiative to help Ling Hao stop the media, which gave him a chance to escape.

Along the way, he was thinking about how to solve the problems in the hospital. He was already upset. As a result, he heard Wang Siyu's quarrel here, which was even worse.

This woman has no brain at all.

They have been married for nearly three years. If they want to cheat, when will Ling Hao cheat?

After all, it is not because that damned Liang Yong has found so many things for himself?!

At this moment, Ling Hao suddenly has a strong desire to kill people!


Wang Siyu was stunned. Just now, she was just angry in her heart. Unexpectedly, Ling Hao was so direct and said she would go to the Civil Affairs Bureau with her.

"No, Lingzi, calm down. Grandpa, I believe in you. Don't be impulsive!"

Smell words, Wang Laozi immediately advised said.

He managed to fix up the marriage, but he didn't want to see their relationship break up.

"Grandpa, you don't have to say anything good for him. It's all on the news. Can you still have a fake?" Wang Siyu sneers.

He wants t see how Ling Hao explains it!

"Well, I'm too lazy to explain it to you. You don't believe it."

Linghao doesn't want to talk with Wang Siyu any more, and goes straight back to his room.

He had to think about how to solve the dilemma at hand.

After all, old Chu was so old that he was criticized because of his own affairs. He was not satisfied.

Even, there are some reasons for Wang Siyu.

Although he has a clear conscience, the overwhelming reports now say that he is looking for a junior outside.

Will Wang Siyu feel better?

She is so proud of a person, how can we allow this kind of tainted existence of Dai Qingqing grassland?

Midnight, about twelve.

Ling Hao turned over and got up from the bed, his eyes full of blood.

He thought for a whole night, but at last he was a bit of an eyebrow.

If you want to break through the plot of Liang Yong, there is only one way. You have to start from the dead patient.

Now he can only hope that the silver needle that had been stuck in the body of the dead could work under his own hurry.

This is not a general acupuncture skill, but a secret skill that Chu Lao never passed on, the lock Yang needle!

The person who is used this needle will lose breath in a short time, seal Yin and lock Yang, and look like dead.

But in fact, the needle really works.

It is able to seal the patient's last vitality in a needle in a short time. As long as the needle is removed, the patient will return to light and leave a last breath.

Now, Ling Hao can only hope that in this short breath of time, he can get evidence in his own favor from the dead.

There is no other way!

Sneaking out of the nursing home, Ling Hao didn't notice. There was also a figure who sneaked out of the yard after he realized his actions!

In fact, Wang Siyu was angry because of Linghao.

She noticed that Ling Hao got up in the middle of the night. She was puzzled for a while, so she followed him quietly.

"No ghost, I don't sleep in the middle of the night and sneak out. I'm afraid it's not for the purpose of meeting lovers!"

"Very well, Ling Hao, I'll catch you at that time. I'll see what face you have to explain to grandpa!"

Wang Siyu clenched his silver teeth and quietly followed Ling Hao behind, holding a grudge in his heart.

However, Wang Siyu did not find that Ling Hao was walking all the way to the most gloomy place in the hospital.

Because he was only thinking about how to break through Linghao's hypocrite, Wang Siyu didn't notice that the surrounding environment was getting colder.

Finally, when she saw Ling Hao enter a remote room in the corner, she became more determined!

"There must be some ghosts in this boy's heart, or what would he do in such a remote place in the middle of the night?"

Thinking of this, Wang Siyu rushed in directly, but she didn't notice at all that the light sign on the door of the room said "the mortuary".

"Hello, what about your little lover?"

"I'd like to see today, which fox spirit can hook your Ling Hao's soul?"

As soon as Wang Siyu entered the room, he looked around.

It's just a little strange that there are so many beds in this room, and all of them seem to be sleeping well.

Is this room a big shop?

It's not right. It's impossible for Linghao to choose such a place?

Ling Hao was also scared.

You know, it's a morgue. Suddenly, a person comes out from behind. It can really frighten people to death.

"What are you doing here? Sick! "

Ling Hao and his speechless answer burst Wang Siyu in an instant. She didn't really care whether Ling Hao had cheated. She was angry for a while.

Although Wang Siyu didn't care much about her appearance, she was still clear in her mind.

Although it's not a great country

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