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It's going to be rescheduled tomorrow. It's been a long time

Today, I talked with my little sister. When she talked about the establishment of the examination system, I was really in a panic, so I wanted to consult her in advance. From what she said, I summed up:

1. Every year, teachers should prepare for the entrance examination as early as possible, which usually starts in October or December. At this time, if they can go ashore smoothly, they will reduce a lot of competitive pressure, and they will not panic too much. In addition, if you can during the summer vacation, you can prepare first. (you can read and endorse first)

2. The form of examination varies from region to region. 60% of the students in Guangzhou may have knowledge of English subject (junior high school) and 40% may have comprehensive examination. So we need to focus on it.

3. Try to prepare the most, because you need to be familiar with the version of the teaching materials used in this area, as well as the three aspects of lecture, lesson plan and trial lecture, so you need to be prepared before this, it's better to be familiar with them, and if necessary, to be familiar with them.

4. Run more and come prepared. Remember! No war without preparation!

Then I also reflected on why other people could get better offers when I graduated from guangwaiyi. In the end, I just left school as soon as possible to find a life-saving straw and went to work in a major foreign trade company. The future is uncertain. The main reasons are as follows:

1. The employment plan is not clear enough, not as many as possible to consult with senior sisters of the same profession for employment options, nor to prepare more skills and certificates required by the industry (for example, the foreign trade industry needs to know foreign trade terms, customs declaration knowledge and documentary knowledge, etc.), resulting in their own spare time and insufficient strength in work.

2. Not trying as many jobs as possible, resulting in a narrow choice of employment.

3. I was playing before graduation. I was playing, but I left the job search behind. Putting the cart before the horse is childish. I don't know how to force myself, and I didn't get out of the comfort zone in time.

4. The ability lacking from childhood - the ability to reflect. As a result, many mistakes have not been learned after they have been completed, and they are allowed to make mistakes. What the dean said is good, but ignorance is not desirable.

To sum up, I opened a special diary of "I have three reflections on my life" and urged myself to be introspective in the future. Let yourself out of the comfort circle, every day to progress, to become the person you want to be!!!

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