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It's going to be rescheduled tomorrow. It's been a long time

Can you imagine that the wechat of the shooting association has been up to now... MMPs.

Today, when I saw the latest development of Laojiang in April this year, I sent a picture of the scenery outside my car. The caption is: the most terrible thing in life is that I don't know from which moment on, the rest will only be to make do with it. I teased him on Q, I said that marriage and love are too fate related, he said it's likely that there will be no chance in a while, I said hey regret you, he said no, his intestines are blue.

In the past, I thought I would have nothing to do with my predecessor's death. Now I find that I can have a chat with Lao Jiang, but is it because he doesn't even count as my predecessor, just a consolation during the boring and empty window period after I come back?

So I can talk and laugh with hxx. I wronged him for buying my sister's mooncakes yesterday. He also asked me if I would see him when he came to my city. I didn't answer him directly. I just asked him why he came. He said that he wanted to recruit people. In the future, his career will be half here and half Urumqi. I said Oh, it's still far enough. The subway is very far over an hour. He said it's not far. The plane is only five hours.

How to say the distance? When you have a heart, you have to follow the ends of the earth. When you have no heart, even a city is very close.

I don't really want to see him again. It's always strange to smack things in the past. Let's save face for everyone.


Now, I just want to keep my worldly happiness for this life.

All right, wash up.

It's going to be a new plan tomorrow. It's been a long time.

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